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TR Series Commercial Window Film Performance:

Traditional reflective window film, also known as mirrored or one-way mirror film, is a type of window film designed to reduce heat and glare from the sun while providing privacy during the day. It typically consists of a layer of reflective material, often metallic, that reflects a significant portion of the incoming sunlight.

The reflective window film works by allowing visible light to pass through the glass, but reflecting a portion of the solar radiation, including infrared and ultraviolet rays. This helps in preventing the heat from entering the building, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering energy costs. Additionally, the reflective nature of the film creates a mirrored effect on the exterior side, limiting the view into the building from outside during daylight hours.

While traditional reflective window film is effective in controlling heat and glare, it may not be suitable for applications where maintaining a clear view from both sides of the glass is essential, as the mirrored effect is more prominent on the exterior side during the day. Advances in window film technology have led to the development of films that offer similar heat and glare reduction benefits with less noticeable reflectivity.

TR Series Performance

Visible Light Transmission 17% 31%22%39%
Visible Light Reflection56%42%32%17%
Ultraviolet Rejection99%99%99%99%
Total Solar Energy Rejected80%68%73%59%
Glare Reduction80%62%72%56%
Performance data is based on this film being applied to the inside of 3mm clear glass. All data calculated using the definitions and equations in ISO9050 & ASHRAE Handbook. The data is subject to variations within industry standards.
TR Series Window Film is offered with a Commercial 15 Year Warranty.

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