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CR Series – Automotive Window Film

Nano-Ceramic Window Film

CR Series Automotive Window Film Performance:

Hüper Optik researchers achieved a breakthrough in high-performance coatings with Nano-Ceramic technology, stunning the industry. This innovation led to the patenting of the German technology in 1998, setting a new standard for performance and quality surpassing other solutions.

CR Series Performance

Visible Light Reflection14%15%10%8%
Visible Light Transmission 20%34%53%73%
Total Solar Energy Rejected70%61%53%44%
Glare Reduction77%61%41%19%
Infrared Rejection91%81%68%88%
Ultraviolet Rejection99.0%99.0%99.0%99.0%
Performance data is based on this film being applied to the inside of 3mm clear glass. All data calculated using the definitions and equations in ISO9050 & ASHRAE Handbook. The data is subject to variations within industry standards.

CR Series Window Film is offered with a Limited-Lifetime Warranty.

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